If you could create anything without limitations, what would you create?

The answer for Cristina Alvarez, was in leather goods. She wanted to create bags that conveyed all the stories, creativity and artistry she felt she needed to express. And thus, Kum-Mará was born.

As Cristina joined and learned from master artisans in Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo in her hometown, Bogotá (Colombia), the brand and the products, along with her new found passion for the technique, started to take form.

Kum-Mará is a brand, a workshop created to explore the boundaries between traditional craftsmanship and the freedom of Cristina's profession: design.

Each product is created to imbue within itself, the concepts of: art, tradition and design.

We intend to make for you, 100% saddle stitched luxury leather goods, that not only honor the origins of the leather craftmanship tradition, but also have hints of color and design through handmade interventions derived from artisanal techniques such as embroidery, leather weaving and marquetry.